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Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale (COWS) Tool
This tool can be used in both inpatient and outpatient settings to reproducibly rate common signs and symptoms of opiate withdrawal and monitor these symptoms over time. The summed score for the complete scale can be used to help clinicians determine the stage or severity of opiate withdrawal and assess the level of physical dependence on opioids.
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Regional Health Summit Executive Summary Jun 1, 2017 Download
Regional Health Summit - Full Summary Report Jul 3, 2017 Download
Stakeholder Health
Stakeholder Health represents the innovative and transformative work of Dr. Gary Gunderson and Dr. Teresa Cutts, keynote speakers for the 2017 Regional Health Summit.
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amfAR Opioid & Health Indicators Database
amfAR is a free web platform designed to support communities, lawmakers and advocates in making informed decisions about the opioid epidemic and its impact on HIV and hepatitis C and is intended to be used as an additional tool. The database includes health indicators associated with the opioid epidemic at the county, congressional district and state levels based on publically available data.
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Out of Reach 2017
Out of Reach documents the gap between renters' wages and the cost of rental housing. The report's Housing Wage is the hourly wage a full-time worker must earn to afford a modest rental home without spending more than 30% of his or her income on housing costs.
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